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We continually examine every aspect of the business supply chain to ensure that we are buying from suppliers with the same ethos.
For example all our ink is based on clean vegetable oil and supplied in eco-friendly packaging. Plus we have on site mixing technology which allows us to mix colours as required to pin point accuracy making our waste close to zero!

All paper is processed using Elemental Chlorine Free technology to avoid the production of damaging toxins. Our production manager has spent many months researching to ensure we source raw materials including paper and board from the European Union FSC grade forests where more trees are planted for the future than are felled each year.

Recycled Paper - whilst re-using paper to make Newsprint and Packaging is environmentally sound, we re-use every surplus piece we produce; recycled paper just makes no sense at all. It is nothing more than hype peddled by marketers rather than people with a real interest in protecting our planet.

Until every newspaper and every piece of packaging is made from
re-used material there is simply no logic in trying to clean 'dirty paper' back into pristine white sheets.

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